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Aluminum Foil Needle-punched Blanket Weakens Radiation Heat Transfer
Sep 13, 2018

The ceramic fiber itself is a white, smooth reflector, which has a good radiation effect on heat; at the same time, the metal foil of the aluminum foil needle-punched blanket product is opaque and smooth, with a specular reflection mechanism, and the heat rays form a reflection through the aluminum foil. The barrier weakens the radiation heat transfer. Therefore, the aluminum foil blanket has a double-layer weakening mechanism for radiation heat dissipation, and the effect is remarkable.

In summary, the aluminum foil rug blanket product has a comprehensive performance of ceramic fiber structure, metal aluminum foil structure and ceramic fiber metal aluminum foil composite structure, and the three heat transfer modes: conduction, convection, radiation heat dissipation are obviously weakened, and the new structure has good structure. The insulation and energy saving effect is the preferred insulation and thermal insulation material for thermal equipment.