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Principle Of Ceramic Fiberboard Production
Sep 13, 2018

The ceramic fiber board adopts the blown fiber (the fiber is short, fine, easy to be broken and mixed) as the raw material of the ceramic fiber board, and a certain proportion of the binder and the filler grade additive are added, and the slurry is fully dispersed into the slurry in the matching tank through the beater; Use a pump to drive into the forming bath and stir with compressed air. Put the mold into the forming pool, and use the principle of vacuuming to adsorb the fiber slurry on the mold; precisely control the adsorption time, vacuum dehydrate the fiber wet material, release the mold, place it on the tray and send it to the drying oven for drying for 10-24 hours. The dried fiberboard is precisely controlled by a special grinding machine and trimming machine.

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